Taliban Detains US National and 17 Other International Assistance Mission Employees

At approximately 0200 EST, initial reports indicated that the Taliban raided the headquarters of the International Assistance Mission (IAM) in Ghor, Afghanistan. This was the third raid since September 3rd. The mission claimed that the Taliban then detained eighteen employees, including a U.S. national on the charges of “promoting Christianity”

The IAM made this statement to TOLO News:

“…sad to report that following the detention of three staff members – two Afghan nationals and one international team member – working at IAM’s office in Ghor province on Sunday, 3 September 2023, a further 15 Afghan national staff members were taken from the same office on Wednesday, 13 September. We understand that all 18 people have now been transferred to Kabul.”

The International Afghan Mission (IAM) was established in Kabul on February 2, 1966. It began from the efforts of teachers and medical specialists who were interested in working in Afghanistan. IAM’s first projects were the National Organisation for Ophthalmic Rehabilitation (NOOR), the Medical Assistance Program (MAP), a school for the visually impaired (BINA), and a literacy programme. (wiki)

The Taliban government has not commented on the arrests as of this publication.

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