Former UK Prime Minister Johnson to Host Show on GB News

GB News has announced that former-Prime Minister Johnson will be hosting a new show on their platform as well as providing political commentary.

GB News is a British free-to-air opinion-orientated news television and radio channel. It was launched in 2021 and was the first British news launch since Sky News. It is described by pollsters as right-leaning. In a 2023 poll by YouGov 12% of respondents ranked GB News as a trusted news-brand, compared to the BBC’s 44%.

Since its launch, viewership has varied wildly, with flagging numbers in early 2021, to outpacing Sky News and coming in third among British news agencies, behind the Guardian and Metro by 2022. As of this publication, GB boasts one of the largest audiences in the UK, but has also been targeted by government censorship and activist groups for what they call “hate content.”

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