South Korean President Yoon Warns Against “Hamas-style” Attack from North

South Korean President Yoon Warns Against “Hamas-style” Attack from North


In a press conference adjoined to a meeting between South Korean President Yoon and U.S. Defense Secretary Austin, President Yoon lauded U.S. and South Korean defense arrangements, but warned against provocations from the North.

He drew several parallels between the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas wars and told press that North Korean provocations would be “resolutely punished”. He specifically called for South Korea and the U.S. to be ready to repel and destroy a “Hamas-like” attack from North Korea into Northern South Korea townships from infiltrators.

Defense Secretary Austin stood by the President saying that the U.S. will use all military capabilities to defend South Korea. However, both parties refused to comment on rumors swirling that the U.S. was considering suspending the 2018 Comprehensive Military Agreement between the Trump Administration and North Korea. The agreement calls for the removal of landmines, guard posts, weapons, and personnel in the JSA from both sides of the North-South Korean border. The agreement also called for the creation of joint military buffer zones.

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