Bolsonaro Protestors Storm Brazilian Congress

Bolsonaro Protestors Storm Brazilian Congress


Supporters of Bolsonaro have broken into Brazil’s Congress after the far-right politician lost the Presidential election in October 2022 to Lula. Videos began circulation on social media of protestors draped in the flag and colours of Brazil entering the building. The protestors clashed with police and were met with tear gas, yet were still able to break through the police barriers and enter the building.

Videos have circulated on social media of protestors on top of the building and walking around inside. Once inside, protesters smashed windows and destroyed other parts of the building.


There are also videos allegedly showing protesters inside the Presidential Palace and destroying Lula’s office.

Bolsonaro has refused to accept he lost the election and has recently travelled to the US, avoiding the handover of the Presidency to Lula.

More updates to come.

Update 1. Protestors have entered the Chamber of Deputies inside Congress, the lower house of the representatives.

Update 2. Lula has responded stating the “fanatical fascists” will be “found and punished” for the “barbarism” happening in Brasilia. He also announced there will be federal intervention in the Brazilian capital until January 31st.

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