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Poland Suspends Belarusian and Russian Cross-Border Freight Transportation

According to the Polish Ministry of the Interior, beginning on 1 June 23, Belarusian and Russian trucks and freight carriers will longer be bale to cross the Polish border. The announcement reads below: "...from midnight on June 1 (Thursday) until...

606 Migrants Rescued off the Coast of Italy

At approximately 0948 EST, reports began to emerge that the Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) sponsored vessel, Geo Barents, rescued more than six hundred refugees on board a distressed vessel off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean...

Poland Sanctions 365 Belarusian Leaders in Response to Poczobut Trial

According to the Polish Foreign Ministry, 365 Belarusian citizens, including 159 Members of Parliament (MP)s were added to the Polish sanction list and are not welcome in the country. This is in response to the denial of an appeal from...

Russian GRU Colonel Reportedly Killed in Syria

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the commander-in-chief of the Russian Special Task Force Syria, Colonel Oleg Pechevisty has been killed in Syria. The incident reportedly occurred on 26 May 23. He reportedly was charged with...

NATO Forces Deploy Throughout Northern Kosovo

As this publication reported on 26 May 23, Serbian President Vucic deployed forces to the Kosovo border in the face of political unrest as ethnic Albanian mayors took office in several ethnic Serbian towns after previous mass resignations of...

Russian Federation Approves Joint Air Defense System with Kyrgyzstan

According to Russian state-owned media, President Putin has officially signed into law the integration of Russian and Kyrgyz air defenses. The announcement reads below: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law on ratifying an agreement between Russia and Kyrgyzstan on...

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